Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Reference book for teaching phonics to adults

Teaching phonics to adults is different, in most cases, than teaching phonics to children. Adults, for the most part, already have a wide vocabulary and know how to say what they want. Some may also have a great recognition of sight words.

From my own experience of working with adult literacy students, adults who need and want to improve their literacy skills, usually also need to improve their decoding skills.

Helping them to recognize letter patterns can help them decode words by letter pattern recognition.

That is where The Phonics Guide: A Guide to Reading and Spelling Patterns, comes in to play.

Various common spelling patterns and letter combinations are listed alphabetically, enabling the student to more easily find a specific letter pattern, blend, etc.

They will see examples of common letter patterns along with some illustrations to help them remember the sound that a particular pattern represents. It's a great resource for students to use in between lessons.

Having a phonics reference book at their hands gives them tools to look up and/or review material in between lessons. It gives them another step in becoming more independent readers and learners.

Tutors find this book useful as well, as they have examples at their fingertips to help explain the current letter pattern that they are working on.

Cheryl Paton