Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Purpose Uses of The Phonics Guide

I was a literacy tutor for adults and I had wanted a go to phonics book that I could easily refer to - to find out what letter patterns any certain letter was a part of. I had wanted to know what all the different patterns were that I should cover for my students. There wasn't anything like it around at the time, so I started writing it all down.

After I wrote it, I realized that it could be a resource book for literacy students as well. They could also look up letter patterns and combinations, alphabetically, to help them review what they were learning.

For both the tutor and the student, it serves as a reference guide, though it may be used differently by both.

For the tutor:
It serves as a teaching resource or reference guide. For instance; what all the L blends are, by looking up the chapter on L. How many different R blends are there to cover? Many teachers may already know this, but for a literacy tutor that did not have a teaching background, that could be a great help.

For the student:
It serves as reinforcement, like a dictionary would. It is there as a resource for students not sure of a particular pattern; they can easily find it alphabetically. The illustrations will help to jog their memory. They can also use the book to help them review.

This is a resource that can be used by both.

Cheryl Paton