Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Letter Tile Ideas for Teaching Phonics

If you are teaching phonics, you may already know this, but using a variety of methods for teaching helps to improve retention.

In addition to having your students read and write, letter tiles also provide a fun reinforcement activity.

Ideas are:

1. Scramble the letters of a particular word, say the word, then have the student rearrange the letters to spell the word correctly.

2. Lay a variety of letter tiles to choose from, then start the word with a letter blend, say the word, then have the student complete the spelling of the word.

3. Lay the letter tiles out to represent various blends, i.e. bl, cl, fl, etc. Say a word and have the student select the correct spelling for the beginning blend.

4. Lay the letter tiles out to represent various blends, i.e. br, cr, dr, etc. Place letter tiles in place to spell the remainder of a word. Have the student select the correct blend and have them place the correct tiles in front of the letters that make a word.

5. Make a crossword puzzle. Lay various letter tiles out, and spell a word with the tiles. Have the student think of a word that includes a letter that you have already used, and they add their tiles to the crossword puzzle. Alternate turns, using letters that are already in the puzzle to be part of the new word.

As you can see, there are a variety of ways to use letter tiles to help reinforce learning.

If you don't already have letter tiles from an old Scrabble game, then I recommend this one, as it comes with a storage bag to easily carry your letters in.

Another convenient game that comes with letter tiles and a storage bag is Bananagrams.

If you have other spelling ideas to use letter tiles for, please share them with us below.

Cheryl Paton