Monday, September 29, 2014

Improve Literacy - Have your child dictate a story

When children first look at letters, it might look rather foreign to them. However, by writing down something that you child has said, and then read it back to them, makes a stronger connection.

A simple way to do this is to first show the child a picture and ask the child to tell you something about the picture. Then write down each word that the child says, and then read it back to them.

You can also read it again, pointing to each word as you read it.

If you have done a simple outline drawing for the picture, you can also have the child color it in. It helps them to identify with it more, and makes it more of their own.

Their early stories will probably be pretty short, maybe two to three words. As the child's vocabulary expands, they will begin to tell longer stories.

These stories can be easily made by adding a photo or drawing a picture on index cards, showing it to the child, and then writing down what they say.

Their stories can be read again and again. My daughter loved sitting down with me to read her creations.

The children's stories, whether short or long, can be placed in pages in mini photo albums. It keeps the pages safe and clean, and makes them more enjoyable to read.

As the child gets older and is using more words, you might want to introduce them to making up short fairy tale stories. This creative story making game comes with a set of cards to help kids make imaginative stories. Not only will kids be using their imaginations, they'll also be learning sequencing. The cards can be played with along, or with someone.

Of course, you can then write these stories down as well, and even make them in a scrapbook as a picture book.

Do you have any fun tips for beginner readers? Feel free to share.

Cheryl Paton