Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Literacy and Phonetics - Alphabet Shirts

Children learn in a variety of ways. It's a good idea to incorporate different activites when teaching reading. It helps to reinforce the text when there is an activity to connect the reading to, other than just what is visual on the page, and the sound of one's voice.

This fun activity involves the kids coloring in letters on a shirt that they can wear.

If you notice, the alphabet letters are shown in three different colors. The consonants are in red. The vowels are in blue. And then there are crossover letters, in purple. Crossover letters are letters that act sometimes as a consonant, and sometimes as a vowel.

Most people are taught that the letter Y is sometimes a consonant and sometimes a vowel. Now Y has a pal.

W is also a crossover letter. The W acts like a consonant in the word - who. The W acts like a vowel, in fact like a silent E in the word - flow.

Y can represent a variety of sounds. Y is a consonant in the word - yellow. Y acts like a long I in the word - fly, and like a long E in the word - baby.

A coloring alphabet shirt is a fun way to reinforce this concept. Teachers can wear alphabet shirts too.

Whether you're ordering a shirt for a teacher and/or student, I recommend Elmer's Painters to color them in with. The paint markers are quite permanent, and it's pretty simple to apply.

Happy reading.br />
Cheryl Paton