Friday, May 9, 2014

Learning sight words is a good starting point for adults

Sight words are words that are recognized by sight. Good sight words to start with are common connecting words that are usually found in a lot of sentences, such as, a, as, the, at, am, and, with, about, etc.

Other sight words to consider teaching are the ones that the student needs to know. These words can be job related, family related, recipe related, etc. These will vary depending on your student and their needs and wants.

Learning sight words helps the students to have early success, and to gain confidence in reading.

However, once the student knows some sight words, they sill benefit most from learning phonics as well. Being able to sound out new words on their own will increase there reading ability. Between knowing phonics and context, they will go much further in figuring out what some says, than if they only learned sight words.

You can find examples for teaching sight words on my Squidoo page, here.

Cheryl Paton

Cheryl Paton was a literacy tutor for adults for over 12 years. She is the Literacy Ideas Contributor on Squidoo, and she receives income for items purchased through links on this page.