Tuesday, April 29, 2014

What are some different ways of spelling the long sound of A?

The letter A is a vowel. A by itself can be pronounced as long a, such as, I will go on a hike.

A common letter pattern for long a, is the letter a, followed by a consonant, followed by a silent e; such as cake, made, grapes, and mate.

The letters AI is also another common pattern for long A, such as in train, aim, paid, and grain. However, the AI also represents the sound of short E in the word said.

AY is another long A pattern, as in lay, play, stay. and gray.

The AI pattern is found in the middle of the syllable, whereas AY is used mainly at the end of the word. An exception to this is the word crayon.

EA represents a variety of sounds, one of them is long A, as in break, steak, and great. The EA pattern for long A is found in the middle of the syllable.

The letters EI also represent the long A sound, as in vein, weigh, weight, and neighbor.

EY can also represent the sound of long A, as in prey and they. EY also represents long E.

The EI pattern is found in the middle of the syllable, and the EY pattern for long A is found at the end. If you have found this information helpful, or know someone who would, then you and/or they would probably benefit from reading The Phonics Guide. The following link will take you to Amazon where you can look inside the book, and/or order it.

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Cheryl Paton

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