Thursday, April 24, 2014

Phonics Tip - When does X sound like G?

The letter G represents two main sounds. G represents its' soft sound in the word gym. G represents its' hard sound in the word gate.

The letter X actually represents the hard sound of G in the word luxury - pronounced lug-zhu-ree.

The letter X represents four more sounds. It represents the sounds of CKS, K, Z, and it says its' name.

To find this information in The Phonics Guide, you would look up the Chapter Xx. You will find a variety of helpful information for all the letters of the alphabet.

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Cheryl Paton

Cheryl Paton is a freelance artist, who use to be a literacy tutor for adults. Paton is the author of The Phonics Guide. She is the Literacy Ideas Contributor on Squidoo, and she receives income for items that are purchased through links on this page.