Friday, September 3, 2010

Phonetic Alphabet Book by Cheryl Paton, Letter D

D is the fourth letter of the alphabet. D is a consonant. D primarily represents one sound; however, it can also be silent.

The sound for D is pretty much the same whether it is at the beginning, in the middle, or at the end of the word.

D at the Beginning
day deck dig dock dug

D in the Middle
radio reddish fiddle goddess rudder

D at the End
lad read rid road mud

D is silent, or almost silent, when it precedes the letters GE, meaning that some people don’t make the /D/ sound at all, and others add a hint of the /D/ sound.

DGE means the D is pretty much silent.
fudge grudge sludge sledge hedge

Base words ending in the sound of D will have a new syllable added when the suffix ED is added:

D+ED means a new syllable is added.
faded wedded ridded loaded

Note this is also true for words ending in the letter T. Words ending in letters other than D and T, do not have a new syllable added when the base word is made past tense.

D is also paired with R as a common beginning consonant blend.

drag dream drip drop drum

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