Monday, August 30, 2010

Phonetic Alphabet Book by Cheryl Paton, Letter B


B is the second letter of the alphabet. B is a consonant. B represents primarily one sound, however, it can also be silent.

The sound for B is pretty much the same whether it is at the beginning, in the middle, or at the end of the word.

B in the Beginning
ball bed big bottle bug

B in the Middle
cable rabbit tabby rugby

B at the End
Abe lab ebb rib globe tube

B is silent when it immediately follows the letter M and it is the last letter of the word.

B as silent
numb crumb thumb limb climb

Note that the vowels in the above silent B word list are short except for in the word climb.

Note: B will not always be silent when adding ER. In the word climber, the B is still silent. In the word limber, pronounced lim-ber with a short I, the sound of B is made and begins the second syllable.

B is also paired with L and R to represent two common consonant blends:

black blend bliss block blue

brass breeze brim broke brush

B is also part of the BLE suffix which sounds like you’re saying bull at the end of the word.

table cable dribble thimble crumble

(Note: The B is silent in crumb but not in crumble.)

The suffix BEL (also sounds like bull) is also used, but is not as common:

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