Monday, August 30, 2010

Phonetic Alphabet Book by Cheryl Paton, Introduction

When I was a literacy tutor for adults, I wanted to know what the rules were so that I could answer my students questions. Does a certain pattern always apply? If not, when doesn’t it. I found bits and pieces of information here and there, but nothing all in one place. So I decided to write The Phonetic Alphabet Book. May it help you in some way, whether you are a teacher or a student.

This book will be set up alphabetically, giving many rules and common letter combinations for all the letters of the alphabet.

For continuity and ease of location, when I am talking about a particular letter or combination of letters, I will use their capitals. When a letter is enclosed by the back slash marks, /B/, then that represents the sound of the letter and not its name.

This book is being published a section at a time(by letter) on this blog, and will eventually be published all together.

To read more about phonetics, visit Literacy and Phonetics.
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